VILLAVIEJA TRANSPORTATION AND DEPOSITS, our Local Transportation division Since its inception in 1977 as carriers of the newspaper and magazine distribution center, the company works responsibly and seriously, providing comprehensive solutions to all our customers.

Since its incorporation to the group as a strategic partner, VILLAVIEJA TRANSPORTATION AND DEPOSITS has become a fundamental pillar of our structure, providing a National Logistics Service and warehouses, reaching every point of our country with the cargo of our customers, in a FAST, SAFE AND EXISTENT way.


Transport services

  • Short, medium and long distance service.
  • Transport of general cargo in bulk and palletized.
  • Transportation of dangerous cargo.
  • Transport for containers 20”- 40”- High Cube.
  • We have a fleet of more than 20 own transport units.
  • All our units are equipped with a satellite tracking system.
  • All our units have mobile telephony.
  • We work with professional, trained and responsible drivers.

Transport Units

  • Trucks up to 1,000 Kg. / 1-2 pallets.
  • Chassis up to 3,500 Kg. / 3-6 pallets.
  • Chassis up to 8,000 Kg. / 10-12 pallets / with open or closed box with side doors / hydraulic shovel.
  • Rocker chassis up to 15,000 Kg. / 14-16 pallets.
  • Coupled chassis up to 30,000 Kg. / 24-28 pallets.
  • Shallow semi-trailers with tilting rails up to 30,000 Kg. / 24-30 pallets.
  • Semi-trailers for 20” 40” and HC containers.
  • Sider semi-trailers with rigid roof and canvas / 24-30 pallets.
  • Forklift trucks for loads with a capacity of up to 2,500 Kg. / with nails / lateral displacement.

We operate quickly, safely and with low costs

We have a successful logistics service in exports and imports, ensuring that the goods reach their destination quickly and safely, without additional costs and complying with the requirements of the Law.