At ACW Express, our Courier division, we provide solutions to transport small loads DOOR to DOOR, de esta manera generamos una opción de Carga con fines comerciales a Pymes y comercios o simplemente trasportar una muestra, ACW EXPRESS our SIMPLE, ECONOMIC AND FAST option.

  • Shipment of Cargo under the Courier regime from the United States and China.
  • Shipments up to 50 kilos and Usd 3,000.
  • Daily flights.
  • Your shipment from China in 12 days.
  • Your shipment from USA in 5 days.
  • Sending Documentation, Samples and Small Parcel.
  • We have warehouses in Miami and Dongguan (China).
  • Reception, conditioning and consolidation of cargo at origin.
  • Door to Door Shipping.
  • Unlimited shipments for “Simplified Regime” (SMEs and companies).

We operate quickly, safely and with low costs

We have a successful logistics service in exports and imports, ensuring that the goods reach their destination quickly and safely, without additional costs and complying with the requirements of the Law.