At ACW DESPACHANTES we provide a comprehensive CUSTOMS advisory and management service. This Division is made up of experienced young professionals, who will be able to assist each Operation in a personalized way, managing each load, providing Legal and operational advice for the importation or exportation of Merchandise.


  • Analysis of costs, budgets and tariffs
  • Maritime freight negotiation and warehouse reservation
  • Negotiation of air and consolidated freight
  • Officialization and processing of Import Dispatches
  • Procedures and claims before insurance companies
  • Transportation from port or airport to factory or warehouse
  • Consolidated maritime and air shipments
  • Temporary Import Dispatches, monitoring, control, management of extensions and re-export processing.
  • Nationalization.


  • Negotiation of maritime, air, land freight and warehouse reservation
  • Transport from factory or warehouse to port or airport
  • Container handling, rental, removal, transportation, consolidation and delivery at the port terminal for subsequent loading abroad
  • Preparation and distribution of shipping documentation
  • Processing of Temporary Exportation in Customs, expirations, cancellation and reimportation
  • Export on consignment
  • Opening of Letters of Credit, modifications, extensions and monitoring
  • Management and collection of Export Refunds


  • Preparation, presentation of the respective customs documentation
  • Coordination, supervision and control of shipments
  • Customs advice and tariff classification of merchandise of any kind
  • Preparation and follow-up of official qualifying queries
  • Sample Offices; Baggage Regime
  • Records of temporary admission of machines and equipment
  • Transshipment operations at ports, airports and railway stations

We operate quickly, safely and with low costs

We have a successful logistics service in exports and imports, ensuring that the goods reach their destination quickly and safely, without additional costs and complying with the requirements of the Law.